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info And Help for the positive human and dog


What do we do, we want to create easy and safe and honest advice about everyday thinks, cheap studying, working from home. but also real advise and tip's and training about living.


Wat do we want to do for dog's, we want to advise about correct dog handling, also we like to advice people to the correct and safe gear fore their dog.

About me

Hello, everyone I am Jordy and I started this website because I lost my job a needed to earn my living.

So a little bit about me:

I am a 29 jr old male form the Netherlands. I am married with my wife Anja, and or Pets.

I don’t know a lot to tell you about me, so I will tried to explain WY I build this site. i’ve did build this site to help, everyone. Iv had a few different jobs but nothing fits me so now I started this adventure. I am a great animal friend and would love to work and spent most of my time whit animals. But also, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to become a nurse, i’ve did this work whit great pleasure but eventually so i’ve did learn in the last bit of time in my study, wasn’t it fore me. also, I love to help people but also, I don’t know how to do this. So well what am I gonna do. Hhhmmm don’t know depress. Fighting back to become on my feet. Fuck!

No fuck it, this is not gonna happen yes I have my bad site, and a lot of shit behind me. I want to help. This is what I am a helper. This makes me happy dos not mater to me what I need to do. If you ask me and I am possible I will help. But also, I am afraid about a lot. People, conflicts, stupid rule’s law’s I don’t know WY but the scary me and annoy me. So I say a lot of no. But still I want to help. I want to help dog owners to better understand their dog, I want to gift people whit the feeling that how bad you have it or what kind of shit is going on in your life, their are always choices you can take. This smalls choice could make a major difference and turn your bad day in a smile. So yes I want to make a living but everything I do is to help other people. This site is gonna take this over from me I hoop. I build this site so I can take care of may self. Because this makes me happy and when I am happy it is going good, whit me and I am able to help, other people.

How do I plan to make this happen. First making money how. Good question.

Create the website, become active, take choices, do a new thing = live this is my plan.

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2 gedachtes op “Hello i am JordyPL,”

  1. Hi Jordy! I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m in my thirties and I didn’t lose my job but it’s making me sick. Creating an online business is hard work but the pay off is great. I’m not even looking to make bick bucks, just something sustainable so I can have a more stress-free lifestyle. I see that you are partly writing your content in Dutch and partly in English. Your English is very understandable but full of grammatical errors, please don’t take this as an offence, as a Finn my writing is full of errors as well. I have a friendly advice, get Grammarly. It’s a heaven-sent for non-native writers and even professional native writers use it. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. The best thing about it is that it’s free!

    1. hello Jukka thank’s for the feedback. I wil checkhout Grammarly so i hope it wil in proof.
      you are so spot on i dont even know how to respond. thank you.

      greets Jordy

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